MobileWash Detailers Dedicate Easter Sunday to Community Outreach

The company's team of detailers engages in community outreach during holidays throughout the year

MobileWash was created to be a convenient and seamless user platform for mobile car detailing. This was done because customers deserved a quality auto detailing job at a fair price. The owners wanted to create a system of convenience that gave free time back to those who cherish it the most. Through hard work and dedication, they were able to create a network of vetted independent detailers that aligned with their core values as a company. Today, MobileWash currently has the largest network of professional detailers in the country.

Many of the detailer partners are fully on board with the company and its culture. They pride themselves on being associated with washers that go above and beyond when it comes to their work. Easter Sunday is among those times throughout the year in which MobileWash detailers have looked to give back and do something special to the communities they serve.

One particular moment stood out on Easter that was felt throughout the entire MobileWash community. One detailer named Travis said he felt a yearning in his heart while sitting in church. After the service, Travis looked at all the extra money that he had made from auto detailing through MobileWash and decided to give back to his community. Travis quickly went to the grocery store and began to make his way to Compton, a low-income neighborhood he commonly serves. This compelled Travis to donate food to the homeless as well as share conversations of love and kindness on one of the days when underprivileged people need it the most.

When asked why he did this, he simply said, “I have done these sorts of things all my life and it always seems like the right thing to do. I wanted to set an example for my little girl on how we should treat people in this life.”

According to a MobileWash representative, this level of compassion is exactly why Travis is the sort of detailer that all of MobileWash is proud to work with. Not only is Travis a fantastic worker, but he also is the type of individual that fits the morals and standards of MobileWash as a company.

Also on Easter Sunday, MobileWash hosted the MobileWash Street Team, an event aimed to bring communities together and demonstrate how important their support has been over the years. MobileWash ownership handed out festive popcorn, ice-cold water and MobileWash merchandise. MobileWash takes the position that community is one of the most important aspects of the company and that interaction and community engagement is key to making a real connection to the people that support MobileWash the most.

Just like the Easter event, MobileWash also hosts an annual “Cruise Night” in downtown Glendale. This is another occasion for the MobileWash team to interact with both customers and their detailers alike. During this experience, company ownership gives out monetary prizes and also a new, large TV to one lucky winner. Along with free popcorn and refreshments, ownership hosts this night in order to remind their customers and valued detailers of how much they appreciate their loyalty and dedication.

Holidays can be a perfect time to go out and service those in need. Another professional detailer named William is a prime example of what it means to go to the darkest places to shed light. In January, William donated and gave his time to the homeless on Skid Row by grilling up burgers and spending the day demonstrating his concern for their lives and well-being. This is something that William has been doing for years. During these outings, William proudly wears his MobileWash gear, explaining to the homeless how our company has made all his efforts possible. Auto detailing with MobileWash has given William the resources to continue his work among some of the neediest in the greater community. MobileWash is exceedingly proud to call him a MobileWash partner with his continued support of their mobile auto detailing service.

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